Space data

The constellations look the same as when the ancient Greeks named them hundreds of years ago, and they will look the same hundreds of years from now.

However, the stars that are above us each night do change through each night, season and year, because as the earth rotates and as it tilts moves around the sun through the seasons, it changes the parts of the sky we are looking at above us, from Earth.

Astronomers have carefully studied and measured the positions of the stars and the year-long orbit of the earth around the sun and so, using math and (yay!) science, it is possible to compute what stars will be above anywhere on the earth at any time! We use a catalog of star locations from the Hipparcos satellite and these computations to generate our Star Map unique to your chosen location and time.

One last little fact: The stars we see each evening change with the seasons in a yearly cycle. The stars you see on your birthday or special anniversary will be the same each year. So, even if your Star Map is for a date 40 years ago, you can still go outside on the evening of that date, this year, or for years to come, and you will see those same stars above you!


Can I have it in a different design?

At this time I only offer one design, although I hope to offer more in the future, however you can customise the text under your map.

Can I have it in a different colour?

Yes it's possible to order the map in a different colour, for example it a rich royal blue for a Sapphire Wedding Anniversary, why not contact me direct and we can arrange something.

What does the text say under the map?

There are 3 options for text under the map classic, personalised and bespoke.

What sizes can I buy?

I currently offer (in cms) 20x20, 32x32, 50x50 as standard, but if you require a specific size why not contact me direct and we can arrange something.


All of our printed starmaps are produced just like a fine art print at a local Bristol print house.

The paper museum grade and printed using the Giclée process
Professional colour management
Museum archival quality process and materials


Where in the world can I order a starmap from?

Anwhere! Which makes gift cards a great option for someone you love who lives overseas!

How soon will I receive my digital download?

Within 24 hours of purchase.

Downloading and printing a starmap is handy if your gift needs to be ready super quick. Once you order I'll send you a confirmation and get to work on finding your stars to handcraft your personal starmap.

How soon will I receive my printed starmap?

Once you order your starmap I get to work creating your unique gift and send it to my local fine art printers. They print it, I quality check it personally and send to you using tracked delivery within 5 working days.

Digital download

How should I print my digital download?

When sending your file to a local printer it's be advisable to find one that uses the giclé process if you'd like an art print like the ones I make, but however you decide to produce your bespoke map, be sure to choose a heavy paper (300 GSM) if possible as it needs a lot of ink. It's set to be 30x30 cm so you can print it at this size or smaller for the best quality.

Gift card T&Cs

Gift cards:

  • are non-refundable
  • expire after one year from code activation
  • will be activated within 24 hours of purchase
  • value will be subtracted from the order total. This includes tax and shipping.
  • can be used as part payment of a larger purchase
  • can only be applied to one order